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The Services You Need

We adress the technology needs of small to medium sized businesses, allowing you to focus on your business. Many studies have shown that most small to medium sized businesses, have IT systems that are underutilized and improperly managed to the detriment of the company. Kel-Tek remotely and directly manages the preventative maintenance of your information system. When a problem does occur we respond immediately.

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What types of services we provide:

Day to day maintenance and monitoring of computers, servers, network

Remote and/or onsite repair of equipment

Installation services

Linux / Unix services

Terminal server / Citrix server support

Virtual technology support, such as Xen, Xenserver, VMware, Virtualbox, KVM

Disaster recovery

Software install, configuration and maintenance

Installation, setup and support of VoIP

Backup services

Setup and maintenance of remote offices

Copier / printer repair and maintenance

Complete Service

With a staff of local workforce technicians, each one specializing in a type of hardware or software, Kel-Tek has what it takes to handle your business's unique individual needs, remotely or onsite.

Using a specialized web-based software, Kel-Tek monitors your servers and other equipment remotely, often catching issues before anyone else does and repairing them right there on the spot.

This is what it takes to run a company with zero downtime.

Managed Services include:

•Flat Rate IT Support •Backup System •Improve IT Security
•Asset Inventory Management •Reduce IT Costs •IT Guidance & Planning
•IT Vendor Relationship Management •24/7/365 Proactive Planning •System Monitoring & Remediation